Leishmaniases and the Cyprus Paradox

In Cyprus, leishmaniasis has been considered exclusively a veterinary problem. It was prevalent before 1945, and until its recent reemergence, it was nearly eradicated by 1996 as a consequence of the destruction of reservoir hosts and vectors. A survey carried out to provide an unbiased estimate of current transmission rates in dogs and humans showed a 9-fold increase in dog seroprevalence (reaching 14.9%) compared with 10 years ago. 

Leishmania donovani leishmaniasis in Cyprus

Nicole Léger and Jérôme Depaquit emphasise “the importance of preventing an extension of this anthroponotic species in Europe”,1 a point also stressed by Dujardin et al,2 since leishmaniasis is not placed under public health surveillance in Europe.We certainly agree with the authors that the indigenous transmission of Leishmania donovani to Cyprus needs to be proven, since the possibility of the invasion of Cyprus by anthropophilic L donovani vectors... 

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