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Leishmaniax is a new communication platform for all experts and the public interested in Leishmaniasis, its epidemiology, prevention, treatment, and control.

It is based on One Health principles and connects professionals from different areas of expertise.

The platform aims:

  •  to establish communication and initiate discussions among all experts from different areas,
  •  increase the promotion and sharing experience of best practices in relation to Leishmaniasis,
  •  share documents (published an unpublished) of papers in different languages,
  •  identify gaps and challenges in  Leishmaniasis control , propose projects, initiatives and source potential funding,
  •  to increase the profile of  Leishmaniasis prevention and control

The platform has been initiated and established by experts from South East Europe and Middle East and supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CORDS together with other international experts.

If you are a group member

  • You can open a discussion in the member’s area or you can take a message from the public forum and discuss it in member area
  • You can lead and moderate a discussion in any of the groups
  • You can access all documents or papers uploaded into the library
  • You can promote and share experience and best practices
  • You can be informed of news and upcoming events related to Leishmaniasis

We invite you to JOIN US!

About Us

A Platform for experts to develop and test evidence based strategies for the treatment and control of Leishmaniasis.


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