WP8 Epidemiology and Preparedness to Cross-Border Emerging Zoonoses in the Mediterranean Countries and Balkans

Rengina Vorou (WP8 Leader), Kassiani Mellou, and Kassiani Gkolfinopoulou
On behalf of the WP8 steering team:
R. S.Y. Al-Haddadin, S. Abdullah Saleh (Jordan), O. Kalakouta, A. Hadjilouka (Cyprus), S. AbouElazm, E.A.E.H. Ali
(Egypt), Y. Al Amour, M. Karim (Syria), E. Kakarriqi, S. Bino (Albania), N. Ramadani, A. Kalaveshi (Kosovo UNSCR
1244), Z. Karadzovski, Z. Milenkovik (Fyrom - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), M. Bejaoui (Tunisia), G.
Dougas (Greece).

The Work Package 8 (WP8) - Epidemiology and preparedness to cross-border emerging zoonosis - has, in the
framework of EpiSouth Project, the main objective of providing a platform for the communication of human (HPH) and
veterinary public health (VPH) officials, describing risk assessment methods and providing a mechanism for exchanging
information between human (HPH) and veterinary public health (VPH) officials.
The objective for the WP8 was set in the 2004 and, although many progresses have been made since then by the
Institutions and Organisations working in this field, EpiSouth has highlighted many areas for improvements especially
referring to the Mediterranean area.
Therefore, on the basis of the experience gained by implementing EpiSouth, this document tries to give
recommendations for improving the surveillance and control of zoonoses in the Mediterranean Area and Balkans both
by considering the Resources already operating in the area and by outlining the possible contribution of EpiSouth to be
developed with future lines of activities.


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