Epidemiology and diagnostics of visceral leishmaniasis in Serbia


A retrospective epidemiological and diagnostic study of visceral
leishmaniasis (VL) was carried out during the period 2001–2007
and included patients suspected of VL who had been diagnosed
at the Parasitological Laboratory at the Institute for Infectious
and Tropical Diseases, Belgrade. Diagnosis of VL was confirmed
by microscopic examination of Giemsa-stained bone marrow
(BM) smears. BM smears from 134 patients were examined; 22
cases of VL were diagnosed, the majority of which involved individuals
who had been on holiday at the Montenegrian sea coast.
The sensitivity of the initial BM smears was inadequate; this
required the application of a serological test, adapted for routine
use, for the diagnosis of VL.

Keywords: Bane marrow smear, diagnosis, epidemiology, indirect
hemagglutination assay, rapid dipstick rK39 test, visceral

Z. D. Dakic1, M. R. Pelemis2, G. D. Stevanovic2,
J. L. Poluga2, L. S. Lavadinovic3, I. S. Milosevic2,
N. K. Indjic4, I. V. Ofori-Belic1 and M. D. Pavlovic2
1) Parasitological Laboratory, 2) Department for Tropical Diseases
3) Intensive Care Unit, Institute for Infectious and Tropical Diseases,
Bulevar oslobodjenja, Belgrade, and 4) Microbiological Laboratory, Military
Medical Hospital, Bulevar Zorana Djindjica bb, Nis, Serbia


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